📣 Important things to know about employing in 🇬🇧

An employee only ever need give 1 week's notice however long they have been employed; An employer must provide 1 week's notice up to 2 year's of service and then 1 more week for every year of service

Universal free-access to healthcare is provided by the National Health Service (NHS); private healthcare exists but most employers do not provide it. The main benefit of private healthcare is to provide faster access to non-emergency care.

Workers are not generally permitted to work more than 48 hours per week; however, workers can opt out of this limit in their contract known as the 'working time directive' (this is the default in Oyster Employment Agreements)

💸 How much does it cost to employ someone in the UK?

To calculate the total cost of an employee in the UK, and how much they'll get in their pocket each month, please use our Cost Calculator:


🤟 Benefits

🧑‍⚕️ Healthcare


There is universal free access to healthcare through the National Health Service (NHS). 79% of all UK healthcare is funded by government taxation - one of the highest % in the world.


Employers are not generally expected to provide private health insurance due to the NHS, but many corporate / professional services companies do. The main benefit being that private healthcare is generally faster access for non-emergency care. We provide private insurance in the UK via Oyster Health

👴🏾 Pensions

State pension

The UK State Pension is funded by mandatory social security contributions called National Insurance which both Employers and Employees contribute towards.

Occupational workplace pension

All employers in the UK must provide automatic enrolment to a workplace pension. Employees are automatically enrolled, but may opt out on their own accord.

Both employers and employees must contribute to this. The total minimum contribution is 8% of gross salary: 3% from the Employer and 5% from the Employee. Both sides can contribute more, or less, but it must add up to at least 8% in total.

Oyster provides a workplace pension with Nest but can contribute to any other pension pot the employee provides.

🏖 Time off

🛫 Holidays

🛳 Paid Holidays

UK workers are entitled to a minimum 20 days holiday per annum (based on a 5 day working week) excluding public holidays.

🎁 Public Holidays

8 days per year. If public holidays fall on a weekend, they are moved to the next work day. See here for details

🤧 Sick leave & pay

Employees who are unable to work due to illness for four or more consecutive days, are entitled to receive statutory sick pay (SSP). Employees do not receive SSP for the first three days of any sickness absence.