Worldwide pricing* (per team member per month)

*The price Oyster is charging may not reflect the actual plan price. Depending on the country, the actual price could be up to 15% higher or lower. We have chosen to bill you the median price so that you can pay the same for all your members.

**In the following countries, health benefits are taxed and will be added to your bill:

Taxes 1

<aside> 🚩 SafetyWing Remote Health The United States, Hong Kong, and Singapore are not covered as a country of residence, but the plan covers these areas for necessary accident and emergency coverage for up to 30-day trips. The other countries below are not currently supported for countries of residence, but your Team Member can be covered fully according to the policy terms during their travels there with no time limit.


Excluded Countries of Residence 1

In the following countries, SafetyWing Remote Health is a top-up plan only, and a local plan is required.

Australia Germany Netherlands Switzerland

Oyster has partnered with other providers to cover these countries.