Currency: Euro (EUR) (Rate)

Public Holidays: 12 (14 in Alsace and Moselle) Public holidays (see here)

Official Language: French

Payroll frequency: Monthly

Employer contributions: ~50% of salary

Three things to know about employing in France

  1. Remote workers in France receive a home working indemnity of EUR 100 per month. The purpose of this allowance is to set off the necessity to use part of the employee's home for professional purposes and the intrusion in their personal life.
  2. For workers, France have a 35 hour work week and the working day may not exceed 10 hours (details here); however, employees earning over a certain salary can be classed as Executives (cadres) who can work longer hours and can be given additional holiday (rest days) rather than overtime pay
  3. In 2017, France introduced a new law: “right to disconnect”. The law required an organisation with more than 50 employees to forbid employees from sending or replying to emails after certain hours.

Employment in France

Paid Holidays

Sick pay and time off

Minimum Wage

Termination & Severance

France has strict rules around termination, and not adhering to those can lead to excessive costs for the end customer and legal costs. We recommend speaking to us as early as possible if this is something you are considering.

Non-compete agreements

Non-compete agreements must be reasonable and limited in scope and duration. It must include financial compensation to the employee, which is usually a fourth to half of their monthly gross salaries for each month of the agreement.

Working Hours

Maximum working hours differ depending on the type of contract you have: worker (salarie) or executive (cadre)