<aside> 👋 Hey there!

So glad to find you here. We're on a mission to help people invest in what they believe in...and we want you to join us!

Take a look at the info below, and if you're interested, send a quick note to stacey@ottointelligence.co to tell us a bit about yourself.


🤔 What is Otto?

We believe our investments should reflect who we are.

Now, more than ever before, we have the power to reflect what we care about in the choices we make everyday.

We are powerful consumers who buy products we can get behind. We choose to work for companies that will make a positive difference in the world. We care about the social issues facing our communities and the planet and rally behind them. And we know that our individual choices can have a meaningful impact.

But when it comes to investing, it's just not that easy to make choices that matter to us.

This is where Otto comes in...!

Otto is a wealthtech platform that aligns people with their portfolios. We enable financial advisors to understand who their clients are and what they care most about (aka their purpose) and integrate these values into their investments.

We're a diverse team that hails from design, tech, law, venture, investing, and of course, social impact.

🤩 Sounds great! Who are you looking for?

We are looking for a passionate, entrepreneurial, and product-minded Founding Engineer.

This role will involve working directly with the founding team to help build core customer, advisor, and admin products for Otto.

Working at an early stage startup, the Founding Engineer will have the chance to help define the direction of our product and engineering efforts - so you'll need vision, as well as strong engineering skills, and some comfort with ambiguity.

Most of us are Toronto-based, but we're fully remote...so we're looking for the right person no matter where in Canada you live!

😎 Okay...What does this really mean?