The story behind Programme and the process of creating it's identity.

This article explains the background of Programme, what we're trying to solve and what we stand for, while articulating the rationale behind each element of our brand system, composed of: logo, typography, composition, color and photography.

Reflecting on our who we are

Programme is rooted in respect for the body and takes a holistic view on human health. We believe movement is a fundamental part of life, that's too often neglected and focused on how our bodies look rather than how they feel and perform. Programme offers practical, personal and sustainable training plans that help you create habits that respect the body and achieve life-long results, regardless of prior knowledge or experience.

Any meaningful brand tells a story that inspires. This requires an understanding of why we are here. Although our product exists on modern devices, our offering is access to what is already innately human — movement. Our brand will tell the story of movement to inspire our customers to move again, and **our product will make movement accessible to many.

"Life is movement; it is it's very essence" - Aristotle

Behind the scenes from Programme's Study of Movement

Behind the scenes from Programme's Study of Movement

Where it started

Currently, the best step you can take to improve your physical health is to engage a personal trainer. With the ability to see to your lifestyle, personal trainers can create customised training plans to match it, all while adapting to your progressions and your equally important regressions. If you compared someone who works with a personal trainer, to your everyday workout class go-er, you'd see the value direction has on your training.

However, personal training doesn't come without it's fair share of problems, the common ones being high price-tags, dogmatic training styles, varying quality, and required localisation. When we began our work, we questioned what it would take to provide the same service at a more affordable price point, with accessible training styles, consistent high quality, and available from anywhere in the world. The only way to deliver something like this is with an intelligent system that could automate the entire decision stack of a personal trainer, inclusive of decisions made consciously based on logic and subconsciously based on intuition. And that's exactly what we're doing.