Slack integration is finally here! We are incredibly excited to announce this new feature as it will allow our Partners to communicate directly with merchants, improving the experience on both sides. Until now the Orkestro Operations Team has been responsible for passing messages from Fleet Partners to merchants and vice versa, filling a gap between the two systems. From now on, all messages will stream directly between the stakeholders, speeding up communications and efficiency.

Table of content:

  1. Installation
  2. Start a chat
    1. Error messages
  3. Respond to a chat
    1. Automatic send to channel
  4. Leave a feedback


1. Initialize installation process

2. Approve Slack authorization request

3. Add Orkestro app to channel

Step 1 - Go to the channel that you want to connect to Orkestro and click the lightning bolt icon next to the message input field to pull up a menu of shortcuts and search for: "Add apps to this channel".