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Location: London, UK

Job Type: Full-time

Experience: 4+ years

Our stack: Typescript, React, Graphql, Node.js, PostgreSQL, GCP

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Hi there 👋

I’m Will - the founder of Opvia. Opvia is a low-code workspace that makes it possible for teams to manage their processes and resulting data all in one place.

Sounds abstract? Yeh, I guess it is.

Let me tell you why I think it’s so exciting. The best way to do this is to share a little about our customers...

They’re teams of smart scientists at life-science companies who are developing changing products, or the processes to manufacture them - from clean meats, personalised medicines and novel, sustainable materials.

Thanks to the revolution in the lab that’s taken place over the last 5 years their processes are generating 10x more data.

This presents scientists with the opportunity to move from a traditional hypothesis driven modus operandi, to a data-driven one.

They have to make a decision about how to collect their data. They can:

So … 95% of the time scientists stick to spreadsheets. These are flexible, but result in siloed data.

There’s a better way. We can provide teams with flexible, extensible software that enables them to iteratively develop how they collect data, run their processes, and analyse their data to make decisions.

How do we do that - let’s chat and we’ll show you :)