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Google calendar

<aside> 📖 ・Describe any breaks, leaves of absence, or other details that affect the members of the group.



<aside> 📖 ・Overall tasks are handled in JIRA ・Individual tasks are handled in Trello  → Connect to JIRA



<aside> 📖 mtg with engineering team every Friday

Tue ・Meeting with contracted development compan ・Meeting with Mr. Goto ・ Fri ・Week Meeting with tech member  Virtual Office


・システム改善リストでエリアマネージャーからシステムの改善依頼が届く  →日本語での依頼があるため 松嶋 or 田所がキャッチし全体にシェアする必要がある

Requests for system improvement will be received from area managers on the system improvement list.  →Since the request is in Japanese, Matsushima or Tadokoro need to catch it and share it with the whole group.


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