The Dopalicious Mindfulness Crew Pushing “Art is a Social Good”

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The Opera Sneaker (OS) Collective is the first digital native design studio, and decentralized art advisory agency. We are designed upon one single principle, Art is a Social Good. We believe art is the epicenter of our humanity as higher intellectual beings. We believe art is the dopest, most honest, and truthful form of human communication about the human condition. Opera Sneaker’s passion for Public Goods stems from our deep commitment to social good, human welfare, open-source software, and free learning communities.

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What We Really Do

OS is a design studio focused on non-fungible memberships (NFM) ecosystems. We are designers, builders, and researchers that incubate and develop mindfulness token communities.

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Opera Sneaker's mission is to make art accessible.

OS Mindfulness Communities Wiki

OS mindfulness communities are owned by the NFM holders. Holding OS NFMs unlocks OS airdrops and partnership perks.