📝 What is a Prism?

Simply put: a Prism is a written summary of your Captures. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3—one of the most advanced AI systems that produce natural language—OnLoop’s Prism summaries take your Capture details and tags and send an elegantly written summary to your email. It’s shockingly good. As with everything on OnLoop, your Prism summaries remain secure and private by default. OpenAI is dedicated to developing AI safely and responsibly.

🌈 Why "Prism"?

When a beam of white light shines on a Prism, it's split into a rainbow of distinct colors. OnLoop's Prism summaries take your Captures (a rainbow of words, ideas, and tags) and illuminate clear themes through written paragraphs—a single synthesized spotlight on you or any of your colleagues.