Everything you see in OnLoop is connected by our signature tag framework. From Captures and Learn recommendations to insights on yourself and your team, our tags help you identify superpowers and blind spots at a glance. Here's how:

Spot top team tags at a glance

Whether it’s teams you own or teams you’ve joined, find out what your collective superpowers and blindspots are:

  1. Go to the Team tab
  2. Tap on any team you’re part of
  3. Toggle between Celebrates and Improves to view your top team tags, sorted by how frequently they’ve been used to describe your team members

<aside> 🖊️ Note: Since OnLoop is private by default, this view will only display Captures you’ve made on your teammates or Captures they’ve made on themselves and shared with you.


View all tag-related Captures on your teammates

  1. Go to any of your teammates' profile by tapping their name:
  2. Under Top tags, tap on any tag to view all Captures made using that tag
  3. Toggle between Celebrates and Improves to get them all!

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