How to share captures

In the mobile app, you'll have the option to share before you save each Capture. This will only be visible by yourself and the person you've made a Capture on. Through your colleague's profile, you can also choose to share a Capture externally to your team, organization, or company. We recommend you only do this for Celebrates!

On the web app, you can share directly with the person you're making a Capture on, but your options to share externally are limited to email. (7).gif

How to react to Captures

You know that feeling of delight and gratitude when you’ve just received a Celebrate Capture? Share it right away with a reaction! Here's how:

  1. Go to the Capture either by tapping on the push notification you received, your OnLoop inbox, or directly from your Myself page.
  2. Type your reply or pick one of our pre-populated reactions (we love the 👏 and 💙)
  3. Show your teammate you appreciate them


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