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Teams deserve to get better, not just get stuff done. OnLoop is on a mission to build a more just, happier and productive world through the deliberate day to day development of teams. We are looking for a mission driven individuals to join us.

Come join a global, highly mission-driven team to bring our vision to life! Learn more here:

Reach out to Monisha, our Chief Of Staff at with your CV if you're interested in any of our open roles below and are keen to know more.

Scope of work for each role is here:

Who Are We?

OnLoop is a mobile-first app disrupting an old industry by creating an entirely new category called Collaborative Team Development. The app inspires teams to fall in love with the one habit that will supercharge their growth: capturing and sharing feedback against goals. The company is moving fast: we wrote the first line of code on April 1, 2020, raised a $5.5M dollar seed round by September 2021, and launched publicly on September 16, 2021. Christine Hall at TechCrunch covered our launch amazingly well here and sheds more light on the what and why of OnLoop.

The Problem we are Solving

We built OnLoop to solve a pain we felt deeply as leaders of large teams: no easy way to accelerate our team's development and sick of performance reviews that did nothing to help our teams get better. Shifting to a hybrid workplace has only made that pain more acute.

Technology like Zoom and Slack transformed our working lives. Imagine what it'd be like without them, and you'll understand what managers suffer today. They have no easy way to do the most important stuff: push people toward the most needle-moving things, if they're getting better or making progress. We're applying the very best of habit formation and productivity tooling to an age old problem that has held leaders and orgs back for far too long.

Who are Our Customers?

Because we're obsessed with solving end user pain, our customers are org leaders of fast-growing companies across tech, retail and consulting who want to do things differently. Our customers include Dolby Laboratories, OpenAI, and Colby College and some of our earliest adopters are leaders at Snap, GitHub, Google and H&M.