You've created a Goal, you and your manager are aligned, and now it's time to get better. Here's how to make sure you're on track.

Update your Goal's progress

  1. Find all your Goals under your Myself page in OnLoop, or your direct's Goals under their profile page in your Directs Team.
  2. Tap on a Goal to view and update it

<aside> 🖋️ Note: Each Goal type (Target, Project, Behavioral skill, Hard skill) has different actions you need to take in order to complete it.



Edit your Goal

To edit a Goal, tap into the Goal and hit the 🖊️ Edit icon on the top right. From there, you can make changes to Goal parameters, due dates, priority, notes, and more.

<aside> 🖋️ Note: You'll also have the opportunity to edit your Goal immediately after it's been shared with you for the first time.


Delete your Goal

To delete a Goal, you'll need to tap the 🖊️ Edit icon as described above. From there, a 🗑️ Trash icon will take its place on the top right. Tap on that, and confirm.

<aside> 🖋️ Note: Deleting a Goal cannot be undone. Consider making edits before you nix it altogether!


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