Head to your Team tab to manage your teams—both those you own, like your Directs, and those you’ve joined, like your manager’s Directs or custom teams.

<aside> 🖋️ Note: Only the Team owner can invite new colleagues to an OnLoop Team.


My Teams

If you’re a manager, this is where you’ll find your team of Directs. This team will be waiting for you when you join, ready for you to add your team members.

It’s also where you’ll find any custom teams you’ve created, like Design Squad 🎨 or Leadership Team.


Invite a colleague to your Team

  1. Tap the Invite+ button

  2. Select the team to which you’d like to invite your colleague

  3. Then you have a few options

    Add colleagues to this Team

    Share link externally

    <aside> ➕ You can find both of these options (Invite a colleague and Share link externally) by tapping the Add Colleague button on any Team page.


<aside> 🖋️ Note: Anyone who selects you as their manager when they join OnLoop will get added to your Directs, pending your approval.


Joined teams

This is where you’ll find all the teams you’ve joined that are owned by other colleagues (eg. your manager’s Directs, your full company squad, your city pod, you name it.)

<aside> 🖋️ Note: You cannot directly invite others to join Teams in this section. Contact the team owner to add a new colleague using the instructions above.


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