Link OnLoop to Slack

First, make sure you’ve linked your OnLoop app to Slack:

How to link OnLoop to Slack

Add the OnLoop Slack app to your workspace

Only one person per company needs to do this step. If you’re joining later, simply search for OnLoop in the Slack App Directory:

How to add the Slack app to your Slack workspace

Share Learn content in Slack

We’ve got a number of new ways you can send Learn content directly to OnLoop without leaving Slack. These include Slash commands (e.g. /learn) and the @OnLoop bot.

<aside> 🚀 Tip: Slash commands (/capture) are only visible to you. Messages to the @OnLoop bot are visible to whoever is in the channel you send them to.


/learn + link + tags

Don’t let smart content disappear in Slack. Send it to OnLoop so you can always find it in the Learn tab when you (and your team) need it most. Here’s how:

Mention @OnLoop in a message

<aside> ⚠️ The @OnLoop bot only works in public channels or via the OnLoop Slack app — private channels and direct messages won’t work.


Similarly to /learn + link + tags, paste the link you'd like to save and add relevant tags [between brackets]. This time, instead of starting with /learn, just type @OnLoop anywhere in the message. ****Hit Enter then select the Team you want to target. It should look like this:

@OnLoop [Develops Others] [Insightful Comments]