How to link OnLoop to your Slack workspace

  1. Open your OnLoop app, click on the hamburger menu and tap Slack
  2. Click on the Sign in with Slack button and enter your Slack workspace URL
  3. Click Continue with Google and make sure you're using your work email address


Once you have linked your account, you can start making Captures from Slack!

slackanimation (1).mp4

If you don't see OnLoop in Slack right away...

Hover over the Slack message you want to save and select More Actions (3 dots) and in More message shortcuts search and select OnLoop.


Scroll down to apps, + Add app, search and click on OnLoop. The OnLoop Slack app will remain on your sidebar for easy access.

<aside> 🚀 Tip: Type "/capture help" + Enter in any channel or chat (don't worry, it won't go to anyone!) for instructions on how to Capture


Will my Slack Captures be stored in the app?

They'll only be stored in the inbox, so view from there, and then save!

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