Head to your Team tab to manage your teams — both those you own, like your Directs, and those you've joined, like your manager's Directs or custom teams.

<aside> 🔸 Note: To invite colleagues to any of your teams, you need to be the owner of that team.


Create a new team

To create a custom team, follow these steps:

  1. From your Team tab, tap the 👥+ icon on the top left
  2. Think of an awesome team name and enter it
  3. Hit Next

All done! All your team needs now are members.

Invite people to your team

Once you've created your new team, you'll automatically have options on how to invite colleagues to join it:

  1. Get a custom Magic Link emailed to you: Just tap Send and find it in your inbox (we'll send it to the email you used to sign up for OnLoop)
  2. Invite a colleague directly:
  3. Share link externally: Tap here to share your custom Team link anywhere you choose. Email it, share it via text message, post it to a Slack channel, or just copy the link to paste where you please. Anyone who clicks on it will automatically join your team.

<aside> 🔸 Note: Anyone who clicks on your custom link will automatically join your custom team. Watch top team tags emerge as you start Capturing on your teammates.


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