Your digital home with an endless common garden.

A visual interface for web 3.0

To connect

To explore

To learn

To build

To play


Our feeds - are feeding us lies

Our attention - a commodity

Our data - fuel for manipulation

Our understanding - temporary

Our dreams - individual

Our feeds should be our gardens

Our attention should be directed

Our data should be our own

Our understanding should be nurtured

Our dreams should be collective

We are consumers when we should be curators. Do the work once. Be the great filter of the world.

Visual, Creative and Natural

Imagine a digital environment splayed out around you. Everything you're involved in, clear and accessible. Links, Projects, Ideas, People. Tied to colour, movement and size to give you a holistic view of your world.

A dashboard of navigation for you or those your connected with. See your online life in a coherent view. How it grows and combines. Your evolution through the dance of community and content.

A playground of creativity. Exploratory and game-like. Overlaid on the physical world we know. Giving us a place to design, build and come back to.

Integrated with video chat, embedded gifs, videos and images for visual and social customisation. Bringing together the embodiment of the real through overlaid maps into the playground. We paste over the old world.