Lead: wollemiPine



Grant Selection Process



Cohort Cohort name Grantee Grant amount ($) Grant amount (OHM) Distributed so far ($) Distributed so far (OHM) Date of Committee Vote Value add to Olympus
0 Amanita MoverDAO 100,000 tbc $15,217.85 552 12/21/21 Creating an Olympus payment app and implementing permission less, gasless transactions.
0 Amanita MetaMars 100,000 tbc $7,332.45 266 12/21/21 No-loss arcade with prizes funded in part by OHM treasury rebases. Learn more at MetaMars.org
0 Amanita Playgrounds 100,000 tbc $6,086.09 221 12/21/21 Empower users with on-chain data analytics tools and educational content
to improve yield strategies and understanding of Olympus protocol in
particular and DeFi more generally. Follow us on Twitter
and come join our Discord
! Grant co-funded with KlimaDAO
0 Amanita Pas 20,000 tbc $1,371.64 50 12/16/21 Making an Olympus level in a video game.
0 Amanita EntropyFi 50,000 tbc $21,880.95 794 02/02/2022 Provides safer risk-on and risk-off options for OHM stakers via soft-hedge and soft-leverage
0 Amanita The Black DAO 50,000 tbc $21,880.95 794 02/02/2022 A multi-chain reserve currency and yield aggregator operating as the premier interface for OlympusDAO to expand their TAM to Black and African-owned businesses, creatives, and initiatives.
0 Amanita Gateway 50,000 tbc $21,880.95 794 02/02/2022 Building a decentralized professional
network, issuing soulbound NFTs to indicate DAO membership and roles.
The web3 standard for community verified activity and professional data.
0 Amanita LandbackDAO 85,000 tbc $34,210.95 1241 02/08/2022 OHM usability study focusing on communities that are harder to reach in web3, culture setting NFT art auction collaboration with emerging Olympus products, Tyche/Give use-case build out.
0 Amanita MetricsDAO 60,000 tbc $26,257.14 952 02/02/2022 Delivering on-demand analytics for the OlympusDAO ecosystem, sourcing community needs, developing bounties and delivering quality controlled results.
0 Amanita Startup Jam 9,999 tbc 0 0 02/01/2022 Olympus Incubator launch event collaboration with Startup Jam: 3rd of March at (3.33 pm UTC-03:00). 3 * 3333$ worth of OHM to 3 Teams applying — Capped at 33 Participants.
0 Amanita Gitcoin GR13 50,000 tbc 0 0 02/09/2022 Putting OlympusDAO and it’s grants program on the map. Moves us more towards the decentralized future where wider community can determine where to allocate funds and along which priorities.
0 Amanita Solana OP Dev 50,000 tbc 0 0 12/16/21 Integrating Olympus onto Solana
. Grant co-funded with WAGMI Inc
0 Amanita Terra OP Dev 50,000 tbc 0 0 12/16/21 Integrating Olympus onto Terra
. Grant co-funded with WAGMI Inc