Hi! I'm Oli, and I'm Head of Partnerships at CodeBase. I was Community Manager for 5 years before that.

CodeBase slightly struggles to articulate what it is, and depending on who you are it can be a bunch of different things. On our website, we put "tech cluster", but previously we've gone with "incubator", and I often just refer to it as a "tech community".

Pre covid, we provided physical space for startups (in our locations in Edinburgh, Stirling, and Aberdeen), along with business support, mentorship, and all the benefits of sharing a water cooler with people on the same journey. We run and host tech related events, such as developer meetups, kids' programming clubs, and coffee mornings for creatives. We run programmes that work with different verticals, such as law, health, and the creative industries. We also work closely with Barclays to provide support and mentorship for their Eagle Labs around the country.

Find me @oliphantly on Twitter!

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