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Component name

(Description of component)

When and how to use it

(Description of when and how to use it)

How not to use it

(Description of how not to use it)

Demo and sample markup


(code is  generated on npm run html:preview)



Property Value
Machine name ds-{component-name}
JavaScript {yes or no}
Sass ./src/index.scss

Project installation

The instructions assume familiarity with npm package management tool, modern JavaScript techniques, and Sass.

  1. npm i @cagov/[machine-name]
  2. Use import¹ or require to include the component’s JavaScript* in your page or compiler.
  3. Include SCSS in your Sass compiler.
  4. Add the Sample markup to your HTML.
  5. Refer to the Content model section for notes on mapping your data to the Sample markup.

CSS variables