🗳️ Voting

OceanDAO Grants Round 13 has arrived.

Welcome to our proposal and voting process!

🧠 Proposal Overview & Calendar

Before casting your votes, please be sure to understand the New Projects.

Visit the Round 13 - Proposal Overview page to get a 10,000ft view of all projects in this round, and keep up with important dates inside the DAO Calendar.

You can also review the Project Standings page to view all historical Project Proposals. Here, you can review their progress, understand their challenges, and help provide some support . We welcome [New Entrants] to stay engaged with the DAO, provide progress updates for their grants, and keep building.

📜 DAO Grants & Rules

Our goal is to fund projects efficiently across our 5 DAO Grant Categories.

We have core Ocean Ecosystem Sustainability & Growth principles that we follow, and our goal is to improve funding efficiency across all projects.



  1. [Earmarked Grants] winners are counted first.
  2. Projects that do not win an [Earmarked Grant] are then considered for funding under the [General Grant] category.
    1. [New] teams are thus eligible to be funded from both [Grant Category].
    2. Returning teams are eligible to be funded from [General Grants].