Hey guys! Here are a couple of links that will be useful to jump-start your coding career!

Full Stack JavaScript from scratch at CoderslangJS

📚 65 online lectures

💻 243 coding tasks

🏗 9 coding projects (up to 32 stages!)

💪 Hundreds of hours of practice

📱 A mobile app to prepare for the technical interview

💬 Online chat with hints and community support

Full Stack JavaScript course

Free Coding Tutorials

If you want to learn to code for free, you’re in the right place.

Free Programming Tutorials

JavaScript Interview Preparation - free ebook

JavaScript is tricky and interviewers love to post questions that test the depth of your knowledge.

This is a compilation of the short articles that I write at learn.coderslang.com. I have included only the ones tagged js-test, but there’s a lot more, so you might want to explore it further for more programming tutorials.

Here’s what you’ll find in it: