Members may reserve the following tools. This gives the member "dibbs" or priority tool use. If you arrive and another maker is using the tool, please be polite, but let them know you have "dibbs" AKA, a reservation.

Reservation process

This is easiest if you use a laptop, but will work on a mobile phone. The process varies with your mobile calendar app, but this process is typical of how the normal calendar works. If you learn better via video, see the video below for a walkthrough. As always, learning a new process requires a bit of patience, thank you.

NOTE: If you do not have one, email and request a nova labs email address.

  1. GO to and login using your email account
  2. Click on a date to schedule an event on your calendar as normal
  3. Add an appointment with the title “Maker”. Select the Date and Time to your reservation. Reserve the minimum needed but only up to 3 hours at a time. Honor system!

IMPORTANT: Be reasonable and considerate. Excessive reservation time when you are clearly not using the machine may result in the revocation of tool reservation privileges.

  1. Select Room —> Tool Reservation
  2. Select the tool you wish to reserve
  3. Click Save



Step by Step Video

How to use Resource Calendars to reserve items in GOOGLE CALENDAR