The Maker's Guide is meant to be a practical guide to how members can do almost anything at Nova Labs. It has supplanted the Hitchhiker’s Guide as the standard repository of all knowledge and wisdom on how to do all the things, for though it has many omissions, it is fairly accurate and scores over the older, more pedestrian wiki which is hereby declared obsolete.

<aside> 💡 Please see the last presentation in the slide deck from the last member meeting for details and financial analysis and rationale. Member Meeting Slides


Getting Access and Using Nova Labs Systems

New and (mostly new) Members Information

Membership Status in Member Portal

Getting Access and Using Nova Labs Apps

Tool Sign off process

How Can I Volunteer


Your Membership Level

Youth Membership

Need a project made? Consult a Pro-Maker!

Tips for Giving Tours

Upgrading Your Membership

Stopping your membership

Safety and Security



Covid Policy and Procedures


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Need Inspiration for Projects?