The @ symbol is a pretty versatile tool in Notion. You can use it to create links to other pages in your workspace, mention another person to get their attention, add a date to a page, or set a reminder. We call this @-mentioning or @-tagging.

<aside> 👉 Note: If you just want to type a plain old @ symbol without mentioning something, you can always hit esc to dismiss the menu that pops up.


@-mention a page

To reference and add an in-line link to another page inside a Notion page, type @ followed by the page's title. You'll see a menu pop up that'll search for that page in real-time. Find the right one and press enter. Now you and others can jump to the linked page directly.

<aside> 🎒 Tip: Whenever you @-mention a page, a backlink is created automatically! Learn more about backlinks →


@-mention a person

Mention someone on a page, in a discussion, or in a comment. Type @ followed by the person's name. This sends them a notification that you want their eyes on something (they'll also see a red badge appear next to All Updates in their sidebar). Handy for asking teammates for answers, suggestions, or ideas.

<aside> 👉 Note: If you @-mention someone on a page that they don't have access to (like one of your private pages), they will not be notified.


@-mention a date

When you type @ followed by a date (or the words today, tomorrow, or yesterday), you'll add an in-line timestamp to your page. For example, typing @1/12 automatically adds a timestamp that looks like: January 12, 2019. Helpful for dating your work as needed.

<aside> 👉 Note: The words today, tomorrow, and yesterday turn into their corresponding numbered dates as time passes.