Notion is first and foremost a writing tool. It works as simply as any word processor, only you can add many different types of content to a page, and move it around and modify it in new ways.

That said, if you just want to start typing, go for it. Notion will become a blank, distraction-free writing surface for your thoughts 😙 If you want to do more, keep reading.

What's a block?

You'll see us referring to "content blocks" a lot. This is an easy way to visualize the content you put on your Notion page. A block is any piece of content you add to a page, including:

If you're curious whether something is its own block, hover over it. Every block has its own **⋮⋮** icon, which opens a menu of options for the block, or acts as a handle for drag-and-drop.

More on all this later, but for now, think of every Notion page as a stack of blocks you choose and arrange.

Editing tools

There are three tools to familiarize yourself with in order to create any page you want.