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Notion hosts regular live webinars covering basics and advanced use-cases. Want to join? Here’s when they’re happening next.

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Notion for teams training series

Weekly on Thursdays → multiple time zones

Joining and starting on new teams are exciting experiences — learning a new software should be too. Whether you’re the first in your organization to try Notion, or you’re joining a well-defined workspace, we’re here to help with a few tips and tricks that will set you up for success. Start with “Getting started” and move on to “Simple project management”.

Workspace setup for teams

Monthly on Tuesdays → multiple time zones

For your team to do its most efficient work, you need a tidy Notion instance that’s well suited to your use case. Join Notion’s Customer Success team to learn about best practices for setting up and structuring your team’s workspace, as well as how to avoid having it devolve into chaos. Best suited for people who are managing content in Notion, or otherwise responsible for their team’s Notion usage.

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