For any project your team is working on, you can use this setup to keep track of how much you're putting into it (in both money and time) vs. how much you're getting out of it.

This will help you evaluate the success of any project with multiple inputs — whether it's a marketing campaign or a product you're shipping.

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Project description

Describe your project so that everyone who sees this document understand what you're trying to accomplish. One of Notion's key advantages is creating transparency across teams.

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Investments 💸

Earnings by source 💰

Quantitative ROI 📊

Other resources/benefits gained

Return analysis

This is a helpful space for summarizing ROI achieved relative to what was invested. This type of document may prove invaluable in the future when you're seeking to understand what has been tried and why decisions were made. Having the entire team align around this summary can also make it easier to optimize future projects, accelerate learning, and set a new course.

We highly recommend using this document as part of a post-mortem discussion with your team so everyone understands the ROI you observed. You can also share it with everyone on Slack for a neat and tidy explanation of what happened.