Give any page some personality, spice, and individualism with icons and cover art! If you use Notion as a team or company, this is a great way to bring in your logo and brand, too 🎨


Every page, whether it's a database or not, can have its own icon — either an emoji or an image you upload yourself (like your logo). It'll appear at the top left of your page and in the sidebar next to it. This helps make pages memorable and easy to find.

There are a few ways to add page icons:

<aside> 🎒 Tip: You can also change a page's icon from your sidebar. Just click on the icon next to the page and the emoji picker will pop up.


Cover art

Cover art appears as a banner image at the top of any page, bringing some elegance, color, and style (even to databases) 🖌

To add a cover: