We believe that organizations working on solving the world's toughest problems should have equitable access to the technology they need to scale their impact.

That's why we're offering 50% off Team plans to non-profit organizations and educational institutions from K-12 to higher education.

How it works

Notion for Nonprofits offers 50% off of Team plans to 501(c)(3) organizations based in the United States. We plan on expanding this offering internationally this year.

How nonprofits can apply

To submit an application for the 50% discount toward a Notion Team Plan, go to our verification services partner, Techsoup's website here →

<aside> 👉 Questions? Email us at team@makenotion.com with "Nonprofit" in your subject line.


About our Team Plan

Of all the plans Notion offers, the Team Plan is especially well suited to nonprofits. It grows and scales with you, offering a central source of truth for team knowledge, decision-making, task management and more, so everyone stays on the same page. Here are the details: