<aside> 💡 Notion Tip: Use this template to give your whole team a searchable record of meetings as they work through complex projects. With a standup template that spurs action, you can easily attach a task to the team backlog without ever leaving the meeting notes or view. Share information and save decision-making context forever.


Use this section to set the agenda for standups and make sure the meeting runs smoothly.

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🌀 Standup agenda

[10 min] Status check

[5 min] Big project status + general updates

[5 min] Discuss blockers, otherwise social time

[2 min] Add follow Ups


Click **+ New Standup notes **to instantly create meeting notes and discussion topics for your next standup.

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🤘 Recent standups

Meeting notes August 13, 2021

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Meeting notes August 12, 2021

Discussion topics


Move old standups into this toggle so you have a record of all standups and notes. That way you're not chasing down information in Slack, email, or fleeting conversations.

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📁 Archives


Below is a linked database of the team's task board. That means you can add and assign a task without ever leaving this standup meeting notes page. Keep the team biased towards action so they ship with a new level of speed.

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