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Why Notch

Notch redesigns how revenue teams collaborate with their customer in the most human way to unlock lasting business relationships.

Closing and onboarding B2B customers is highly complex, time-consuming, and can take months. Today companies try to manage the complexity of B2B deal closing and onboarding with a patchwork of disconnected tools and spreadsheets.

Notch is a modular customer collaboration suite that automates the customer journey, helping fast-growing revenue teams close and onboard more customers with less effort.

<aside> 🤍 Notch’s Purpose: Taking out the complexity in collaboration


Our Team

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Aaron Katzenberger Customer Success Associate LinkedIn

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Alex Sandau Co-Founder & Engineering LinkedIn

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Devin Lemcke Co-Founder & Engineering LinkedIn

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Diana Drescher Design LinkedIn

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Lekan Koku Engineering LinkedIn

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Roman Lamsal Engineering LinkedIn

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Tim Dethlefsen Co-Founder & Product LinkedIn

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Thomas Plattner Founder Associate LinkedIn

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Viktor Kessler Co-Founder & Business LinkedIn