Why Notch?

Our vision is to enable SaaS Teams to perfect the B2B customer experience. Inspired by a new wave of productivity tools like Notion and Airtable, at Notch we aim to 'crack the nut' of making B2B buying a pleasant experience, empowering growth teams to win more deals. We dare to pioneer the verticalization of Notion (we ❤️ Notion), leveraging the no-code trend


Notch Values

<aside> ⛰️ We are honest We are radically honest and play it straight. We wave a bias toward clarity and trust, we over-communicate, even if it feels obvious already.


<aside> 🙂 We are humble We are authentic and have the right balance between confidence and humility. We don't make ourselves more important than we are.


<aside> 💪🏼 We are bold To truly build the future solution of buyer-seller relationships, we dare think differently.


<aside> 🤸🏿‍♂️ We embrace ownership Everyone at Notch receives an outstanding amount of freedom and responsibilities.


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Last Update: February 3, 2022

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