Why Notch?

Our Vision is to enable SaaS Teams to perfect the b2b buying experience. Inspired by a new wave of productivity tools like Notion and Airtable, at Notch we aim to 'crack the nut' of making B2B buying a pleasant experience, empowering sales teams to win more deals.

Helping customer-facing sales teams to create personalized B2B buying experiences on scale, closing the gap between that 'yes I want to buy your solution' and your solution running inside your buyer’s company.

We dare to pioneer the verticalization of Notion (we ❤️ Notion), leveraging the no-code trend.


Notch Values

We are honest We are radically honest and play it straight. We wave a bias toward clarity and trust, we over-communicate, even if it feels obvious already.

We are humble We are authentic and have the right balance between confidence and humility. We don't make ourselves more important than we are.

We are bold To truly build the future solution of buyer-seller relationships, we dare thinking differently.

We embrace ownership Everyone at Notch receives an outstanding amount of freedom and responsibilities.

Interested in joining Notch?

If you like what you’ve just read and want to join our journey, reach out – we’re hiring.

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Last Update: August 1, 2021

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