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Nota is a tech startup

that focuses on AI model optimization.

We aim to bring the benefits of AI to everyone, everywhere by democratizing its use across industries and applications.

Nota’s core product NetsPresso is a proprietary hardware-aware AI optimization platform which automates the development process of lightweight AI models. Our AI optimization technology enables a diverse range of edge AI solutions including Intelligent Transportation Systems and low-powered driver monitoring system.

Nota holds the record of being the first Korean startup to gain investment funding from both Samsung and LG, and the first startup that Naver D2SF invested in. We are accelerating our entry into international AI markets by forming strong alliances with global top-tier companies such as NVIDIA, Intel, and ARM.

Interview with Myungsu Chae, CEO of Nota

Interview with Myungsu Chae, CEO of Nota

2022 Nota Workshop in Jeju

2022 Nota Workshop in Jeju

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