last major update: 2020-04-07

👨‍💻 full-stack · 🛠 craftsmanship · 🔁 test automation · 🧘‍♂️ clean code

👨‍💻 whoami

Hi! 🙋‍♂️

I'm Paweł. Remote Full-Stack Developer from Poland. I started my professional journey 12 years ago.

In most of the projects I participated in I was implementing frontend or backend and taking care of automated tests. Apart from that, I was also tackling some gamedev and VR/AR projects. In other words, I am rather a software generalist who can adapt to new technology and apply good practices on it rather than the thorough expert of some particular technology.

I am huge fan of typed languages as they make me free of whole class of problems and tests. From time to time I also add some flavor of Functional Programming to code I write i.e. by avoiding state mutations, making functions pure, and using concepts like Promise, Optional, or Try.

Pragmatic Approach

I prefer a pragmatic approach which means I choose solutions that will be easier to maintain and evolve: it can be choosing a framework that is known best by team members or adding explicit DTO mappings near the webapp's HTTP layer to avoid confusion and to filter out unnecessary data.

I was also part of early-stage projects were decided to not write tests nor cover all corner cases – it is important to understand the context as sometimes it is about experimenting, validating, and adjusting in order to find your paying customers.

This resume page is a result of pragmatism too – I decided to prepare it quickly as a Notion page and be able to take further actions right away instead of spending way too much time and creating a webapp for it (but come on, I am a software dev, shouldn't I write my own resume-framework-js? 😄).