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I loved modding my Nintendo Switch to where it is now, and I wanted to share the different things I've done to it!

Tools of the Trade

These are the tools I used to make my mods! The screwdriver is technically unnecessary, and you'll still need the Y tools from the eXtremeRate set, but the quality of those aren't as great. The tweezers I highly recommend you purchase before doing any mods! These will help with ribbon cable management and placement as well as picking up screws from smaller places.

Switch Mod Tools

Things I Wish I Knew Before Going In

  1. Don't replace the front shell. It's not worth it. You'll see why in my write-up.
  2. Make sure all your ribbon cables are fully inserted! You will never know if they're all the way in or not.
  3. Don't!!! force screws in/out of things if they don't move nicely. The Nintendo stock screws strip incredibly easily. I have a couple screws on my Switch that will never come out now because I definitely overtightened some and completely stripped the screws.
  4. A lot of the holes in the plastic pieces from eXtremeRate aren't threaded. This means when you're screwing something in, you're boring into the material. This might be your one and only chance to actually do this, and you may have a hard time opening and closing the pieces again and your screws may no longer tighten, so don't overtighten. I promise your parts will stay together.
  5. Have a way to organize your screws. There are so many. So many. and not all of them are the same.
  6. Tweezers. I mentioned it above, but oh god having good tweezers helped the process so much more.

Mods I've Done!

Joystick Cover

Difficulty: ⭐