Picking a theme is one of the most important decisions you will make. A great theme is essential to avoid extra costs in feature developments and to make sure your store looks amazing.

We can recommend themes from:

Both of these developers create highly rated, very configurable, beautifully looking and professionally developed themes that will help you avoid any malfunctioning from poor coding.

If you choose any of the Out of the Sandbox themes, though, you will be able to update to new versions of the theme for free with their Updater app, and you also have the option to carry over any personalized coding you had in your previous version of the theme (paid option in their app), potentially saving you hours of work and money.

Note that the main things you should consider when picking a theme are:

  1. Layout - check all styles of the theme to get an idea of its flexibility and what you could potentially achieve visually. You want to check that the different versions of the store are significantly different to each other because this shows you how much flexibility they offer and it can give you an idea of how you may want your store to look like and how close you could be to get to that design and layout.
  2. Features - all themes are different so you will see different features from one theme to another but try to pick a theme that has the features you like or need or will need in the future. Examples of features:

<aside> 💡 We will only customize one theme of your choice, so take your time picking the theme that you like the most!