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Hey! I hate lead gen forms as much as you do, so I've placed a selection of articles, videos, podcasts and other things that I think would be useful to intrapreneurs and innovators, all in one free-to-have-no-strings-attached space.

Feel free to use as you see fit. I've tried to categorise them as much as possible, so make sure to scan through them all. Will add more as I come across interesting pieces and tools.

Rising Tribe | Co-creating intrapreneural ecosystems

Resource Lists 📢


Intrapreneurship: The art of entrepreneurship in business 📣 Use Promo code RisingTribe to get 20% Off any course on 42Courses.

The art of entrepreneurship in business

Intrapreneurship: Pitching to internal and external stakeholders will be your day-to-day job. So the girls & guys and MissingLink provide engaging, and to the point, training on pitching online.

Online training - Missing Link

Intrapreneurship: Employee-driven Innovation | openSAP

Intrapreneurship - Employee-driven Innovation

Y-Combinator Startup School programme runs twice a year and is free to sign up and keep on track. With plenty of resources and a great community. Acts as an entry point for Y-Combinator.

Startup School

Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certification (Paid & Free): Discover new ways of thinking and acting so that you can solve your biggest business challenges

Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Oxford Leadership: This online self-leadership course provides a structure to isolate your real strengths (and weaknesses), define your core purpose and focus on the values which will shape your authentic self and relationships.

Find Your Purpose Journey - Oxford Leadership

Discover and learn with the world’s brightest professionals. Free and unlimited access to over 100,000 talks.

BrightTALK - Discover and learn with the world's brightest professionals

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation works with business, government and academia to build a framework for an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design.

Circular Economy - UK, USA, Europe, Asia & South America - The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

No-Code MVP - Build and validate startup ideas without code

The Henley SME Sessions. Free support for SME's from Henley Business School/

The Henley SME Sessions

Online Courses | Harvard University