Hi everyone,👋 if you’re reading this that means you have an interest in the Customer Success Specialist (either for the local or global position). Niagahoster is a part of Hostinger Global and we believe that candidness is one of our 10 values that we need to embrace, in this case, we are trying to provide you with clear and concise information related to the role.

Our recruitment process begins with your CV submission and if selected, you will be called by the recruitment team or asked to send a short introductory video in English. At the next stage, you will receive instructions to take a technical test which consists of an aptitude test, typing test, English placement test, and role-play test. If your test results meet the expectations, then you will be invited to attend the HR Interview, followed by the Final Interview + Simulation Test.

Before applying for this position or if you already applied and are preparing for an interview with us please read this article thoroughly.

<aside> 🔒 Which customer success positions are available?

  1. Customer Success Specialist - Global Team
  2. Customer Success Specialist - Local Team



  1. A day in the Customer Success Specialist position
  2. KPI that you need to achieve
  3. How much will I get paid?
  4. How is the training conducted?
  5. Working hours, shifts, and schedule
  6. What are my growth opportunities?
  7. Will I be working remotely?
  8. What will my employment contract look like?
  9. What platforms do I use to do the work?

⚡ Additional: Can I get some reading material to prepare myself for the recruitment process?