Tiri Kananuruk

ITP - NYU room 15

Nov 2, 2018 6.30- 8.00 pm

Exercise 1: Sound - Space - Time

Participants need to make a song together. It could be vocal or any sound that they can make. After they hear the sounds in the room, participants have a choice to make your own next sound. It could be same key, slightly difference keys, or any key, tone, sound that they want to make. Before start, one person need to start the the stop watch. Then hide it. No one can see the clock or time in the room. Continue making a song together until participants think 5 minutes have passed. Then bring the song to an end. When all sound stop, the person conducting should reveal the actual time passed.

What we learn:


Ask participants how they feel about time, For the case that the time is about 5 mins. If participants feel that it's too long before reveal, Meaning they are too rush. If participants feel that it's too short before reveal, Meaning they are too slow. Nothing right and wrong. This exercise will help you to comprehend your performance duration on stage.


The main propose of this exercise is for practicing to listening. All participants have the same abilities of creation. They all require to focus what is the next sound will happen and be in present


The participants have the choice to make sound. Some of them want to stay with their first plan, some of them chose to improvise in response from real time sound they hear. Both way are right and nothing is wrong. We are going to learn about the choice we made

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