We're looking for global-minded team members who want to build a new type of university for the modern workforce.

About us

NewCampus is building a new business model for education, starting with one of the most underserved segments of the 21st century workforce - small to medium businesses. They make up 99% of companies, and employ over 70% of the market.

We're a live learning platform that teaches the most current leadership skills, levelling up companies and people in these companies for 1% the cost of a traditional MBA. Our instructors are at the forefront of their industry, from game-changing companies such as IDEO, Disney and Pinterest.

Some of our clients and instructors come from:









Our classroom experience represents working in 2021, distributed workforces with a global and diverse classroom - 80% of our learners are women, 60% of our instructors too. They also represent about 25 different countries.

We're positioned to lead the market in upskilling the 99% of companies that business education excludes - small to medium businesses with new managers, scaleups with young leaders who all tend to lack significant business and professional skills.


Who we are

Most of our team are first generation university graduates. So we know how much education had the potential to open up opportunity for people. What we've been obsessing about is whether or not it is working as well as it should, and does it serve enough people.

The core team built QLC ("Quarter Life Crisis") - a project learning platform which sold directly to over 40 universities across Asia Pacific, serving over 10,000 students. We understand how tough it was for universities to iterate their curriculum - and saw the bigger opportunity in building our own challenger university. Especially as we watched our learners graduate into the workforce.

We're global and remote first - we've lived, studied, worked across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and the US. We also have very diverse networks both across the startup and corporate business communities. Our team of 10 predominantly works across the Asia to European timezones.

We're backed by global and future of work investors - such as SOSV, 500 Startups, Juvo Ventures, Zanichelli Venture. We also have advisors from some of the most exciting brands in the region, such as Riot Games, Netflix, and Education First. They closely work with us on pushing the boundaries of what the next version of global workforce learning looks like.

Key team members you'll interact with daily: