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Why work with DegenScore

DegenScore understands reputation in web3 and what a good user looks like. We have been building tools for them since the dawn of DeFi summer. It is currently really hard for teams to attract good quality users in a structured way. We saw this and decided to build tools that allow builders to target good quality DeFi and NFT users and attract them to their project. Soon we are launching a new product called Beacons which will make it event easier to find these awesome users.

What are DegenScore Beacons

Beacons are soul bound tokens that have a users DegenScore and other reputation based traits encoded into the token. A user can bundle several addresses together to mint the highest possible DegenScore and then use this token to get access to awesome opportunities and join communities. Beacons can be updated or burned as users get more experienced and want to show off their new skills.

Launching to the Beacon community

Good news: working with DegenScore and getting access to the community is very easy to do! Just book a short call with our team or reach out in the Telegram community or on Twitter to get the ball rolling. We only need 1 touch point to launch or integrate together.

Past Launches

Integrating DegenScore into your product.

You can now integrate DegenScore’s cool reputation based traits (like a users DegenScore) into your project. Do you have a leaderboard that you want to enrich with reputation based data? Do you have a marketplace on your product and want to show more info to your users about who is buying and selling? This is now possible if the user holds a Beacon. If you want to integrate the DegenScore token into your product ping the meta data on our product.