Each week the Virtual Learning Environment (which in UoE is called 'LEARN') will release resources for you to engage with.

Resources are 'drip-fed' using LEARN's "adaptive release" function: generally speaking, this means that resources are released one week at a time. So, while this course has its own Resource List that you can consult at any time, the e-tivities specific required reading will only be released when required.

Why are the resources 'drip-fed'?

This is how Blackboard (who design the LEARN VLE) rationalise this:


This means that you/your group learn at the same pace. This is important in this course because you all need to work in sync with each other in order to be able to learn together.

There are a number of different types of learning resource for each week of this course; many of these resources do not exist on the Resource List (namely because they are not books!)

Here is a quick glossary:

Media presentation


Experiential learning