Plain Text of Week 4 What are Learning Theories.pdf

What are Learning Theories? How might you start to navigate them? @Neil Mulholland

Before we jump into learning theory, consider what you just did with Make Gold. This was an art assignment; a set of instructions that you followed. The art assignment is a technique widely practised in art education, specifically in its early foundational stages.

Here is an particularly meta art assignment from Draw it with your Eyes Closed to start with (you can follow this if you want, but reading it will suffice):

If you haven't had an art education, where else might you encounter art assignments? Increasingly, art assignments can be found online

For example, The Art Assignment is an OER website and PBS channel (hosted by curator Sarah Ulrist Green) that hosts assignments written and presented by different artists:

The assignments in Green's PBS show are often simple to follow and require little expertise, skill or specialist equipment. Each assignment engages the participant in the weltanschauung of the artist that has set the assignment. Taking part in each assignment can offer a microcosmic insight into the artists' macro-view of art and their environment.

The Art Assignment follows a model established by the artists Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July in the earlier days of the web: