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Last update: May 7, 2021




1. What's Nebulas Node Strategy?

Nebulas began it journey with the Vision of “Let everyone get values from decentralized collaboration fairly.” With the continued evolution of the “Autonomous Metanet”, Nebulas is proceeding to it’s ultimate goal.

At the core of Nebulas’ PoD Node Decentralization Strategy is the Proof of Devotion (PoD) Mechanism. This idea behind Proof of Devotion is to provide a measurable value of all users based on the size of their contribution to the ecosystem which includes pledging, consensus and governance mechanisms. With PoD, we plan to not just decentralize Nebulas’ blockchain nodes but to also decentralize community governance via the formation of a representative system and government committees.

Nebulas is building a new Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for complex data networks that will fully embrace community, decentralization and autonomy on a contribution measured basis.

Learn more about Nebulas node strategy > Download PDF version >

2. Node Operators

2.1 Prepare for a Node

Please prepare the following information to apply a node.

2.1.1 A Nebulas Mainnet Address Is Required

Be sure to use the Chrome web browser so you can install the “NasExtWallet” Chrome extension to sign in and manage your node on this node platform.