Findings from the user interviews conducted with 5 to 10 students using the Meraki app currently.


Questions for the semi-structured interview sessions

  1. Can you describe your experience of enrolling in a class? What worked and not worked?
  2. Can you describe your experience with learning via the courses on Meraki?
  3. Can you take me through the process of taking assessments in the current courses?
  4. How do you use the playground in your learning? What has been your experience with it?
  5. What is your motivation to learn programming and other courses with Meraki? How did you hear about it?
  6. How long do you use the Meraki on a day to day basis? (Probe if less)
  7. What are the factors that stop you from learning from Meraki?
  8. How has this changed your outlook of your life, earning potential?
  9. What was your experience when signing up for Meraki first time?

User Interview Database