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👩‍💻 About The Fellowship

We are proud to announce the Code India Fellowship, an incredible opportunity for the most passionate individuals of our country to help make programming and coding to the remotest parts of India.

Aspiring to impart the knowledge, skills and a certain strength of character to the young minds of tomorrow, the Code India Fellowship is designed specifically to help better our future while simultaneously giving our fellows a chance to recognize the current realities of what life is like on the other side.

The Code India Fellows will be placed in different organisations in different parts of the country like Delhi, Bangalore, Jammu, Dharamshala, etc, for the duration of a year, to teach coding and programming to the local children, with an emphasized focus on young girls. Tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the growth and educational journey of young children, our fellows have the explicit satisfaction of helping students, across the country, take their first steps into a brighter future.

🏕️ About NavGurukul

Navgurukul is a collective of changemakers who are passionate about creating a large-scale social impact, particularly, improving the quality of our education system while making it accessible to the marginalized communities. We train students from low-income & marginalized communities in Software Engineering in our residential programme for students for enabling them to get aspirational jobs, have a voice, and be equipped to bring at least 10 families out of poverty in a financially sustainable model. So far we have placed around 150+ students in various companies including but not limited to Mindtree, ThoughtWorks, Unacademy, etc.

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✌️ What We Offer

Over the duration of the integrated year-long residential fellowship, our fellows will, first, be trained and equipped with the in-house education practices of the programme before being acquainted with the methodically structured curriculum. Paired with this in-depth learning experience, the programme aspires to help our fellows better understand the core tenets of civic professionalism and social responsibility.

The Code India Fellowship is your chance to learn skills of self-reliance, willpower, patience, creativity and leadership while you help foster the growth of the children that come from some of the most disadvantaged communities in India.

👩‍💻 Code India Internship

This is a unique opportunity for the individuals who are passionate about our cause but cannot participate in a rigorous Fellowship due to some prior commitments. They can still be a part of our mission and participate in the Code India Internship.

It is a six-month, nine-month or one-year-long residential programme, which provides similar experiences and opportunities to teach coding and programming to the local children, with an emphasized focus on young girls.

The Code India Internship will amount to half the time in Fellowship. For example, if a person completes one year of internship, it will amount to 6 months invested in Code India Fellowship and she can complete her Fellowship by putting in another 6 months. Thus, the Code India Internship credits can be used in the Code India Fellowship.

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