You Want to Build Napkin? Join us.

We like to think that Napkin is more than an app. It's a system for inspiration. It's an infrastructure for thought. And sometimes we even want it to be a piece of art. That's why Napkin needs people that find the right balance between effective pragmatism and audacious exploration.

To allow for the best minds to connect around Napkin, we've set up a remote organization that runs daily operations via online communication and strategy discussions in person every three weeks.

Roles we're currently onboarding:

Reach out if that sounds like you. We're open to full-time, part-time, study thesis, and freelance contracts.

Who is Behind Napkin?

David Felsmann & Fabian Wittel

David Felsmann & Fabian Wittel

David is trained in Economics and Knowledge Management. He built and led digital startups for the last seven years.

Fabian is trained in Engineering and Learning Psychology. He builds data visualization since ten years and designed organizations for the last seven years.

We are friends since working together in R&D at BMW in 2014 and we share a fundamental believe. The drive to understand the world and to understand oneself is the most precious trait of human kind. We live for the moment when you connect two thoughts you hadn't connected before and it fits nicely and helps to form a framework of understanding in your mind. We believe this moment should happen more often. That's why we build Napkin.

We partnered up for building Napkin in early 2021. If you feel like supporting us, we are happy to chat.


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